Monday, January 28, 2008

CHA, my parents arrival, and Ry back to work

WHAT??? You should see the state of my house right now. I gave up my craft room, so my house is a mess! Ryan said that for my Christmas present, I could purchase furniture to reorg my room. OH MY GOODNESS, did I not realize what the cost was, and hello I run a scrapbook store! Anyway, I am just going to have to dig in and do it. Since I have been at The Pink House, who has time to paper craft at home! I don't. But anyway, so I have oh, about 9 days to get my house is perfect order before my parents arrive. UH OH!
Not to mention, Ry headed back to work today. OH, I loved it when he was on leave. I could come and go as needed. Not to mention dinner and every other thing I could think needed to be done was accomplished by my husband. Normally, I would have been prepared for him to head back to work, one week in, but since I was so busy working, it seemed to make my life flow smoothly. He would make the girls lunches in the morning. I would take them, he would pick them up. SIGH, that life of fantasy is now over. So today, I am back to Mom's taxi! OH well, it was wonderful while it lasted. And I really needed the time at work. With CHA coming up, Michelle and I are all trying to get our ducks in a row! So far, everyones quacking in the right direction.
So with that said, everything store wise, is ready for CHA. Orders placed, staffing issues resolved, class samples, and Michelle's and mine tactical plan of attack. You just don't understand. I mean seriously, CHA is no joke. CHA Summer is a cake walk compared to Winter, and I busted my butt at CHA. For three days Michelle and I walked and shopped and was basically running out of that place when it closed, so I could get to my ride, and she on the plane. So this time, Michelle and I are going to make sure that we are prepared!
Email me any request!!!
Well, it is me at The Pink House this morning, come see me!

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