Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Heh there:
So I think I am pass the yucky! All three girls have it now though. The big one was complaining about her back hurting. The other two are coughing and a bit of a runny nose. It is this blasted weather change. I wish it would just decide warm or cold! I mean seriously! I can't even get the girls closets settled in because the second I decide to take the summer/spring clothes out, it is 74. Anyway, I am going through a cleanse process. I just got rid of 8 boxes of the piglets clothes. Outfits I loved, but Baby bugs is just too tall for them now. It was funny, Traysea and Nanea were both hugging outfits they loved and wished them off to a happy home. I was going to sell it all to one of my friends. But after I boxed it up and set her pictures, she wanted just a few things here and there, and Ry said no. My husband gets like that. It was an all or nothing deal. Anyway, so I was going to charge $5 an outfit. Now if you shop gymboree you know that is a deal, but I just let some moms have at it. Easily said, all the clothes is gone. But it was awesome. It all went to happy homes. It did take me a minute to breath out and then let go, but it was the right thing. I was going to pack it all up and send it home to Alena. But that child has tons of clothes. SO, off to a happy home!
Well, I am at the store today working. Well sorta, I gotta get on my swaps for my Carolina Girls group. I miss my Carolina girls!!! I hear the inner circle is going to the Lake House and I have cleared my schedule! I can't wait. It seems like forever since I have hung out with these girls! They are SO much fun! They all were a blessing that lead me to The Pink House. Me finding Big Lucy on splitcoast, leading me to Patti, and then her to Karla and Michelle. It is all about the 6 degrees!
So Ryan and I were having a discussion about us moving. Yes Michelle, I am moving! Pink House Michelle still is trying to block that out. But the truth of the matter is that my husband is in the Navy. I knew, when I came on at The Pink House, that Ryan was here for school. It had a one year time frame. I came on at the store right before he started. So, I could promise one year.....Michelle hates that. Anyway, so we have decided to put in for a Triton Sub. I say "we" cause it basically the only type of boat that Ry wants. Fast attack subs are just not ideal for people with families, but is any type of underway period ideal? Anyway, we are hoping for Kings Bay, GA. I have a few friends down there, it is the type of boat Ry ry wants, and it will only be 3 hours away from Charleston, SC. But there is a chance that we can get Washington. Which isn't my first choice. BUT, at least May May will be there. Plus it will be closer to my family at home. So it is a good second choice. But we did decide, that where ever we go next, we will be moving ahead, without Ryan. He has sub school in CT, and that won't end untiol October, and there is really no reason to have the girls all start school here, to move them after just a month! So it seems that I will be moving without my husband. Totally not a huge deal, if we get Kings Bay. But I just can't see myself driving across this beautiful country without my husbands help. I better get on the phone and call to see what my parents plans might be around July of this year!!!
Know that I love you


Brad and Lauren said...

Sorry to hear that everyone is sick. Glad to hear that a purge is happening. It is always helpful to cleanse and get rid of things. Sorry to hear that you will be staying on the East Coast!!! Would have loved to see you in HI but I know that will happen anyway so not a huge deal. I totally understand about wanting the boomer life. We are hoping Dept Head tour will be on a boomer since the kiddo will be older and may have a sibling. Look at me already talking about more kids and the first one hasn't even popped out yet. Anyway, I know that the Pink House will miss you lots as well as the Carolina girls too. I know I miss your happy, bubbly, cheerful face!!! Come home soon, K!

KTluv said...

Awww Ronee!!!! I am so sad that we are going to be losing you. I am so glad to have met you and stamped with you. The Carolina Girls and the Pink House are going to miss you terribly!!! Let's just make the most of the time left and I am with Michelle...we will think about the rest later.


Erika said...

So sad to hear that you're going to be leaving us! With the whole military thing, that's the hardest part--meeting all these great people and then having them move or you move away. Will wants to go to Seattle for his next assignment, so if he does and you end up in Washington, we'll have to get together! Let me know if you need any help with anything!