Thursday, January 24, 2008

Busy busy busy....

I know I always say, where does the time go? But seriously...where does it go? I need to put myself on a blog schedule like Michelle! Maybe, I would stick to it better. But I have been doing alright with all my resolutions! I have been living better. I have taken all fast food, well most fast food out of my diet. I don't think sausage breakfast sandwiches should count, but oh well. We have gone organic in thing that we could. You would not believe how hard it is to go organic. Organic milk for example. You can't just roll up into any store and purchase organic milk. The commissary doesn't have it. But luckily I have a find who is Vegan and pointed me in the right direction. So all the veggies I bought were Greenwise, along with the milk and a few other products. I have been buying our meat from the meat market and we have been purchasing fresh fish. So it has been going better!
Spending less, I have been okay on. I was on a Vera Bradley hunt today, but resolved within myself that if I can't have what I want, it is better to have nothing. But I did buy new clothes. I mean we are going to CHA in 15 or so days, I need new clothes, right? So I have been spending there..but nothing huge!
But classes at The Pink House have been great. My monthly card class was last week Sunday, and we rocked a full house! I also love my card classes. Simple fun cards. Always make me smile. Plus I love when people leave with something! This week we did simple cards from scraps and Paper piecing. I always love that. Small elements with a punch!
So this weekend I was suppose to go to the Lakehouse with my favorite stampin circle, but Ry's got stuffs to do. Then I was just going to go up on Saturday..and of course this thing is on SATURDAY. GRRRRR...but it's okay. I guess. I miss hanging out with them! I miss just stamping and hanging out for fun! Oh well..I guess my time here at the Pink House is rounding out and then where the Navy and God take us, I will have to decicate to stamping. Right??? Oh well! I promise to post before I head out to CHA. If you have a list of wonderful items you would like me bring back for you....send it to me!!!
Know that I love you

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KTluv said...

We missed you this weekend girl! It was lots of fun.

BTW, you've been tagged. Check out my blog for the instructions.