Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Where does the time go??

I guess my vacation is over! Well sorta! The girls all have gone back to school, even sports have started back up. My friend gave birth to a baby girl yesterday. And I have been keeping her older one since Sunday. Oh and on Sunday we made the trek to Columbia, about an hour and a half away, to visit Build a Bear workshop. Oh and Ryan and I celebrated our 7th anniversary, Saturday. Want to know we celebrated? I worked the 12 hour crop at The Pink House. It really was no big deal. Only because it's not like we were going to dinner. Plus Ryan and I just aren't that kind of couple. I know, I know, horrible right. But we aren't. Michelle says that I am suppose to work at the lovey dovey stuff. Oh sorry, I just threw up a little bit. I mean, I love Ryan. But isn't that enough. Have you ever read the book The Five Languages of Love? I am so the "Act of Kindness" kind of girl! So as long as that tank is full, the rest just falls into place. Anyway, so Saturday I actually decided I was going to scrapbook. So I had to dust off those thinking muscles, and I came up with this. I love this layout. I have to say it worked out pretty awesome. The pattern paper is Sonburn. I just loved it. It totally flowed. You cannot imagine how much work this simple layout too. But it so paid off. I got Michelle's thoughts. If you know Michelle, she has TONS of thoughts. Talked to The Mom. All of it. This came out just how we all wanted. Then this last layout was a two or three day project. I had to paint the frame. It comes unfinished. I used Heidi Swapp's black acrylic paint. The paper is Urban Lily. They are a company that is based in Australia. There products are awesome! The paper has such a rich look to them. I knew that this was the paper that I would use. I then used Doodlebugs sugar coated Chipboard in beetle black and ladybug. So I did really create. I am going to print off some older pictures of the girls. I am just that far behind, that I decided that I better start getting to a stable ground. So as for an update for my resolutions, I have been successful, sorta. I did spend more then I should have. But my friend had a baby, and the clothes was just too cute! But, the food bit, I haven't been doing to well at that. I could not have imagined the task it would be to convert. But it is all baby steps! So wish me luck!!!


Felicia said...

Seven years on the 5th!!! Congrats to you both. Mike and I celebrated our 10th on the 3rd!!! How did we not meet sooner? I mean seriously. We had a wonderful dinner at Roy's over in Ko'Olina while one of Mike's buddies babysat.

Brad and Lauren said...

Congrats on 7 years!!! Take the time to truly appreciate each other in whatever way works for you both!! It is different for everyone. I am impressed, as always, in your scrapbooking layouts!!! You are really branching out of your card box. I know that Michelle and Karla could get you into some scrapping given some time. Tell everyone I said hi and I miss you bunches!!