Wednesday, January 2, 2008


So with the New Year already started, I guess I should already have these in place. But of course, johnny come lately, I am always the one taking her time!

It's going to be a long one!! This list is not in order. Just some notes that I jotted down and wanted! So this is totally just me rambling, so if you just wanna read, have fun. If not, I promise to post some great layouts I am working on in a few days!

*So first, I guess I should say I will make it a huge priority to be on time. In EVERYTHING! One time with Christmas cards, on time with projects, one time in general with everything. Which all results in better time management. If you have even known me for a second, you would know that I am such the person that over books herself. My mom always told me I was someone who would burn the candle on both ends. Which at least I am constant, right? I hate that there is only 24 hours in a day, and actually do spend some of those sleeping. I am always on the go! Mayumi reading this right now is nodding! I have always been that girl! But things have fallen by the way side, and my goal is to try and try to be a better person with time!

*2nd, I plan to stay in touch more. Again with the time management bit. But seriously, all my friends know that I love them. My family knows that I love them, but the day rolls on and runs into the next one, and the next thing I know it has been five months and I have not talked to one of my very best friends. I don't talk to my sister or my sister in law anymore. We use to live on the same island and have conversations every other day. Slowly that went to each other week, and now it is just on special occasions. I don't call just to catch up. I don't call to just say I love you! All of it. Mayumi is back at home. Christina May May that is now in Washington! So I plan to keep in touch more! I have to say even with my mom, I sometimes let a day go by before I talk to her again. So not okay. With the exception of Sunday. I never know what her day is going to be like. We normally don't talk on Sundays. She is active in her church and then spends the afternoon with my Grandma. But her and I talk everyday at least once. I am going to keep to that! Even if it is just two or three minutes!

*3rd, spend less! Okay okay, stop laughing. But I am serious. Now when I say spend less, I mean less WANT. But I want everything. Lucky me I have a great husband and mommie that let's mehave everything. But I am going to spend less. Less need to have it all! That is totally me. I love the shirt and skirt that match with the shoes and the socks and the hairbows and the watch and the purse. I am going to spend less. My three girls can live without the watch and the purse and maybe go with a plain bow they already have instead of the matching exactly bows. I know it is a horrible thing. But God gave me daughters! But I am also going to walk away from the dollar here dollar there! I am so bad about that! "Oh it is just a dollar." I think that I teach my girls that, and I don't want that to be a habit for them. So I have to break the cycle now! But craft supplies and Vera Bradley are not something I plan to include in this little bit!

*4th, Put my house back on a schedule! I use to be a girl with a clean house. Oh and I am sure I was that girl before I had my last one. It is something about my number three that sent me to the pigpen. But I am going to go back to a schedule. With Ryan home we have gotten the house back into order. Well there is laundry on the chair, but for the most part, we have found order! So my plan is to put it back on a schedule. Total Kitchen Mondays, Girls bathroom and playroom tuesdays, and so on. I think if you break it up and do a bit everyday, it makes it easier.

*5th, Be a healthier me! I mean in everything. The inner and outter me. Workout, eat right, spritual, all of it! I even think that I am going to transition us to organic foods. I just think now a days, everything in our foods changes the developement of our children. I have three daughters, and I want to be sure that I provide them with the best jumping off point for their futures. And I am talking about everything! Better brain development, no hormone infused foods, nothing of that sort. All of it. Of course if Kate, of Jon and Kate Plus 8, can do it, so can I! It is just a choice you have to make, and I have to find the time to be the right mother to my daughters. I am so lucky that Ryan provides a lifestyle that I can be there for my children. A lot of parents have no choice, and have to take short cuts to provide their children with that best meal. I can take those few extra moments, and extra dollars, to make the right choices for our family. So I am going to do it. Tyra and I are also going to run and workout. It is important that I teach my 12 year old that living healthy takes work. It will be a lifestyle choice that we make together. She keeps me on task, I keep her on task! Oh and it is not going to be fun! I hate working out. As I am running, in my mind I am thinking I totally hate this. But there really is no choice, if I plan to be around for a very long time! Ryan and I want to be able to hold our grandbabies one day! And in todays world, it is just not that easy. Plus, i'd love to look cute in clothes again! Vain as it may sound, it is my total motivation!

*6th, one on one time with each child EVERYDAY. WOW, everyday Ronee. Are you sure? I already make it a point to spend private time with each child. But I want to do it everyday. Maybe it is because my Kalei is getting older, and I don't want her to grow up, or it is just I think that they are growing up so fast, and I want to hold on to each moment...I am not sure, but I know that I want it everyday! This morning, my middle one got up, and we had promised her and her sisters, to build a bear. There is no build a bear here in the Charleston, SC. We have to make a trek to Myrtle Beach, oh 2 hours away, or to Columbia, 1 1/2 hours, to get there. But my girls love it! So she brings her catalog in, and ask if today is the day we can go. I explain to her that I had to work today, I know HORRIBLE mother, but I told her, we would take her. So for the next oh, 20 minutes, she and I sat in my bed, tucked under the blankets, discussing what I thought about the outfits she wanted. I loved every moment of it! We discussed if her bunny would look good in a winter coat and boots. Or if she should get the fairy costume for her. She also let me know that she will be needing the closet this time around, as all of her bunny's outfits have outgrown their current storage place! Now, I want that everyday! Be it basketball practice with no tag alongs or quick trips to the grocery store with just the oldest. I want that! I want to be able to just catch up on daily things with my girls. I want to hear about what color bows they want for their build a bears, or that Trysha's black mary janes are more comfy then her new brown ones.

I am sure that there are more things I will choose to do this year, but heh, this is my jumping off point! Know that I love you! xoxo, ronee


Pinkhouse Michelle said...

Morning time in the bed is even better than breakfast! Whatever my kids want to talk about first thing in the morning always seems soooo cute. What a great way to start the day.
Hug the girls for me (or I'll squeeze 'em myself this afternoon!)

:) Michelle D.

KTluv said...

Awwww That is such an awesome list Ronee and I think it just about covers everything! lol I haven't written mine down yet either (I know, I know...procrastination! lol) I think I might just steal yours and adapt them. They pretty much say it all.