Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And so she is seven!

Happy Birthday Malie`!
May your next year be blessed with joy and happiness.
My wish for you is that your enjoy seven.  And all that comes with growing up!  
Thank you for being such an amazing daughter!  Everyday I am thankful for the gift of you from Heavenly Father!  


Michelle D. said...

Just checking in and what better day than Traysea's sweet seven? Miss you much. Happy Birthday from The Dulaney's

Shelly said...

Happy Birthday Traysea!!! We miss you all! Have a wonderful day!

Mary said...

What a beautiful picture of her!

Brad and Lauren said...

Happy Birthday!!! I can't believe that she is 7. It seemed like just yesterday she was a little girl. They grow up so fast. I think we should all invest in a load of bricks and split them amongst all our kiddos. Well, okay maybe not, they do seem to be more fun as they grow up. Crazy!! I hope she has a great day and party like a rock star at her party!! Love always - Lauren & Eme

Miss Hope said...

She's so cute!!! You make me want to find a pretty flower and put it behind my ear and just feel good about life!

Happy Birthday!

Blonski fam said...

Happy Birthday Tray.... I cant believe shes so old already. Hope she had a great day.