Monday, March 30, 2009

Conversations with one self

Do you ever just stop and talk to yourself? I do..almost everyday. I get the answers I want, if I just sound them off myself.

So first and foremost Ry and #3 are tucked into my bed right now sick. So we are praying that they will both only have it for twenty four hours and then be on the mend. If not, I am already calling in the missionaries to offer #3 a blessing. I am going to nip this bad boy in the bud. I am sure they would more then offer one to Ry...if he was willing to take it!

I spent a great weekend with my big brother. I absolutely love him! And I love that he lives minutes away..and that my family is going to be just down the road here soon! I love how my brother spends the time to cuddle my girls and say wonderful things to them.

Then today was a day filled with great friends and sports. I mean basically purely amazing, minus two people throwing up in my house.

Speaking of the missionaries...I have to say I am SO blessed that when I was looking for a spiritual home, God delivered something that I could never have imagined! I wonder just what took me SO long. But I guess my heart needed to be ready. Also too, I could have never imagined the gifts that came along with finding a spiritual home! in a few niece turns 18. Actually it is my second niece, and I just can't believe it! I remember the day that Kaipo was born. It's pretty amazing when you stop to think, just where did eighteen years go?

Anyway...tons of blah blah I am outty!

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Shere said...

So Ronee, did you have to break out the biohazard suit to clean up the incidents? I am chuckling just thinking about you dealing with bodily fluids! Hope you are having a great week!!!!!