Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Post script

#2 got this "treasure" for her birthday. So our day was spent like thisSelf Shots!
We hit DQ! And because Daddy forgot the card to our camera, we needed to stop and get one!Then we needed to run errands for her Bday party on Sunday!
Order her flowersGet some supplies from the Beauty ShopThen order her cake. This is the second time she has requested this cake! What is it about this cake that makes it fantastic you may ask...wait till it gets here..I will show you just how wonderful it is!Then we had to get #1 from soccer practice!

It is awesome to see our day's activity from #2's eyes! We had a fantastic day! Plus #1 and I had our baptism interviews yesterday! Made for an awesome day! Baby steps till Friday!


Shere said...

Man you are busy! How do you find time to breathe much less leave fantastic comments on my blog? Hope you are having a great day and blog you later.

Felicia Fernandez said...

It's awesome to see her pov. Plus, you can tell she's your daughter...taking pics of EVERYTHING!!!!! We're going to get Munch a camera for his bday this summer but we just haven't figured out which one yet. I'm going to Eme's bday party on Saturday and I'll be thinking of you guys and your party as well!!! Miss you!

Brad and Lauren said...

She is such a good photographer!!! She has your eye for the great shot. It is interesting to see life from their angle!!

Tanya said...

Oooooh...a future Annie Leibowitz! Happy Birthday!

Miss Hope said...

What a cool idea! I may just have to copy you and let my #2 do the same thing!

Score on the DQ!

The Miller Family said...

So fun!