Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekend crazy

I remember a life with just one child. When at nine pm, I wasn't begging for my pillow.  HOw I could sleep in on Saturdays.  How making breakfast was easy enough for her to do it herself!  How easy compared to now! Now this is no way a poor me I have three kids post. No way! If it was up to me, I would have a house filled with five children plus and so busy that sleeping becomes a thing I have to schedule in.  But I often like to sit back and just remember how life was with a child who could pour her own milk for cereal and knew how to turn on the tv and computer without assistance from me.
Now days I find myself running into situations like this...

Soccer spilled across my living room floor!  

Or situation where my dishwasher is just TOO small!

Or when my children roll their eyes at me!

Or tell me they can't go to bed till after this set mom!

Ah, the girls in my house make life just SO much fun! 

This Saturday is no exception to the crazyness that is my life.  Soccer pictures...primary games, a car wash, plus a friend sleeping over, is enough to set anyone off the rails onto the crazy train....(sorry we have been playing ALOT of guitar hero)  but I love it. 

Now I do absolutely enjoy the calm that comes over my house around nine.  When all my chicks are tucked into their beds!  It is just in time for me to go to bed.  I miss the football games on Friday nights..and nights out at Mai Tai's with my friends.  Even the great thing it would be to be able to sleep pass seven thirty on a sleep in day...but my trade off is I get to spend as many moments with these three piglets as they let me!


Shere said...

Sleeping in is so overrated! lol. Seriously, have we talked? I swear I had that same conversation not 2 days ago.

Miss Hope said...

Yeah, kids make it all worthwhile. Although I'm the side of tired more than I'm not....I wouldn't trade this crazy life with three kids for nothing!

Good post!