Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year

What time you ask...It's March Madness Baby!

Now if you didn't say it like Dick, then you just don't get college basketball!

Now basketball, sports in general, have been in my life since conception. I am actually born in the midst of boys basketball season. My grandma told my mom she could not go to the game because I she might go into labor....and tada, Grandma Emma was right. But weeks old I attended my first basketball game! Easily said my family is a sports family! Baseball, soccer, football, it didn't really matter!

This year has been an exciting college season! My MENS final four.....

West: Memphis
Midwest: Louisville
East: Pittsburgh
South: I am praying it's Gonzaga...but I think it might be UNC. If that toe of his can stay strong we can see. But there is nothing like a tournament to really test how much pain you can endure in your pursuit of a title.

My womens
UCONN can't fight a history

I think it's Tennesse to take it all. It's going to be a tough road. But we will see how much I know. I really haven't watched much girls ball all season. Those dang kids of mine taking up my tv time. My word!

Okay..I have to house is a pure mess..since I lost an entire day!

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Michelle D. said...

Mike's got Louisville taking the title.