Monday, July 6, 2009

What a weekend!

Our weekend started really on Thursday. The girls and I went to go and see Transformers FINALLY! Now I am normally a pretty good mom. I don't normally let me kids, the younger two, watch PG-13 movies. BUT it was transformers, and if you even knew just how much my house is into transformers you would get it. Anyway we had movies and cold stone..

Then friday we went to go and see Ice Age 3. The girls couldn't wait. And daddy was coming. Ice Age in three d..FUN! My girls were smiling ear to ear..and where was my camera..oh at home on the bar....waiting for loving.

Late Saturday night I had to have one! #1 and I made a midnight run to Sonic for drink happiness! So Strawberry limeades and Mango Cool Breezes for fun!

With the 4th brought us getting up and heading out to 4th of July fun. Our town had a pretty lame we headed to GA to go and see what was going on up there. It was awesome. HOT HOT HOT..but the girls liked it..and I think I have found my fresh veggies and fruits from now on. So what if it is a drive across the state line..who cares right?

We spent the day walking and just hanging out.
Came home and it was family nap time! YEA! Well the piglets and I napped. Ry played games and made dinner..because later we were going to head downtown to see the fireworks.

It wasn't too bad. BUSY yes...but nothing more then anyone could manage. It was nice to see fireworks. And it was nice to be all together. The fireworks show was not disney, but the girls loved it just the same. Even #1. I hate that she is getting so old. When did someone take my bundle of baby girl bliss away from me. Sigh! All I could do is look over at her, and wonder. Sorry, my heart hurts..she turns 14 at the end of August..and I am having some early growing pains!

But my post is not complete without pictures right?? So Logan was home all day with daddy and didn't get to play parade. So here he is..prancing around with his balloon!
My dog is just the crazy!
Oh..but adorable!
Then theres #2 preparing for her mission! Yes, she is just seven..but somehow she has it all figuired out!
Enjoy your week

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