Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's a random day for everyone

  • Kisses from my babies make me smile
  • family prayer just makes things easier
  • asking Heavenly Father to change me, is very painful
  • Family home evening is the bestest way to hang out on Monday nights
  • i want a new van, but not the new van payment
  • i want a iphone....but my mommy pays my bill
  • i love costco
  • i love cut fruits and veggies. the perfect snack food
  • i love boxes from home. love you mommy
  • i have the very best parents around
  • i am not as good to them as they are to me. sigh..i suck
  • someone hurt my feelings today...but you know, crazy enough i sorta knew it was going to be that way. but because she hurt tyra's feeling..i am on a rampage.
  • i love my new living room. it seems so much bigger. it makes me happy.
  • i think i need a coffee table and an ottoman
  • i can decide on which barstools are my favorite
  • i love my four seater table
  • storage is totally necessary
  • Logan needs to get on a better potty schedule. But he is working on it
  • I suck estimating space. I thought my bed was going to take up all the room in my bedroom. SO not true. We fit the desk, a book shelf, the dresser, and the dog kennel in there. WOW i really suck!
  • i like that my brother is staying with us....but i will love that he will live 40 minutes away
  • tyra can't wait for my niece to live 40 minutes away from us
  • panda express makes my girls and i happy
  • i just realized that my brother put my tv stand together wrong. i love him anyway
  • we aren't motivated to do anything, but there is still crap at my other house.
Okay that is totally enough randoms..did i mention I broke myself? My ankle is horrible. I will take a picture later

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