Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Today's Randoms

  1. I am physically tired of the emtional ride
  2. But in the same sentence lately I have had tons of energy. Maybe it's the extra hour of sleep. Or just my prayers in the morning that push me through the day.
  3. My testimony makes me happy.
  4. I have a juicy story, but I am waiting till my blog goes ninja.
  5. We found a house...well scratch that..it's not a house it's an apartment..it's smaller then i want..but with everything going on and the time frame..it's not forever...and it has a year around pool, a puppy park, and a gym. I guess I am settling
  6. Three daughters make my world happy...but i still wish for a son.
  7. logan is the best pound puppy of them all.
  8. My kids can go for hours without eating breakfast.
  9. Schedules make my life so happy.
  10. Making a grocery list is a two hour task.
  11. Meal planning sucks..but helps tons!
  12. I learned where and how to put brake fluid in my car.
  13. I sleep the best when Ry is home. Just don't tell him.
  14. I hate the smell of dog food. Thank goodness the kids feed him!
  15. This heat sucks. But somehow I can endure, the kids hate it!
  16. I wish I had more friends that lived closer.
  17. Today I am reminded about seasons, reasons, and lifetimes.
  18. My #2 is finally at the age where we have to braid her hair at night or else it takes an hour of "owww...stops" before I can even tie it up.
  19. This weeks lesson in Relief Society helped me realize that I am just not ready for a Heavenly visit!
  20. I am reminded that my family is the MOST important thing in my life.
    My family is eternal...when you think of it that way..it's amazing.
  21. Boys in beanies with long sleeves are my weakness.
  22. Somehow I have learned to let more and more go.
  23. Forecast for cloudy weather does not make me happy!
  24. Costco is my friend!
  25. I hate waiting for my new ATM card. It makes going places a lot more complicated..and needs more planning!

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