Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My ninja moments start

So blogging wise..we are off the mainstream! I am not sure if I am excited about it..but somehow I do feel better about it.

All I could imagine was great pictures of my children on some child porn website...PLUS the having to omit names and locations...we all know that i just don't filter well!

So we are pretty much sure we are moving to a small, very nice, centrally located, very tiny, with great amenities apartment. Now I cannot even start to remember the last time I have lived in an apartment. I think I might have been oh lets say two since I lived in an apartment. But I am trying to focus on the positives!!! Let's see if I can come up with ten of those!
  1. It has a pool the girls can swim in year around! Yea for heated pools!
  2. It has a puppy park where Logan can run free!
  3. Did I mention the year around pool. Crap now that means I need 11.
  4. There is a full gym! Tyra and I are both excited!
  5. It will take less then an hour to clean my entire house. I am pretty excited about this one!
  6. The girls are still going to be going to the same school!
  7. Walking distance to Target!
  8. A tanning salon. OH how I wish I needed that...but at least it is an option..right!
  9. They have doggie treats at the entry to the "complex"
  10. It's on the second floor. At least it's not the third!
  11. My girls love it. I have the very best children around. Traysea is not excited about having to have to share a room with her sister again..but she is excited that I am stacking the beds and they will have bunk beds again..Not to mention I told them they get TV in their room!
WOW that wasn't as easy as I thought that it might have been!

So besides that..we are just waiting to hear on if we get it or not. I don't for see anything preventing it..but you just never know.
We are off to the MOSH today...they have some crazy dinosaur exhibit...that the girls gotta see
then there is spam musubis for lunch

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KTluv said...

Yay! I am now plugged in! Keeping fingers crossed on the apartment for you. My brother and his wife have been looking down there but they say the market sucks. Hope it turns out the way you want!