Saturday, July 11, 2009

The past few days

So many things are changing so quickly for our family! Thankfully being spiritually sound helps ease with the transition of it all.

But in the midst of our transition, it is nice to know that really we are still a family. 4th of July fireworks, beach day visits, then there is kick pow on my bed.

My kids love to run and jump onto my bed. So their favorite move is a flying kick. The girls call it kick pow. So Tyra normally holds the pillow, while the two crazies back down the hallway, getting enough running room to perform the flying kick.

Traysea has it down.
Nanea needs a little more practice!
So she tried again
Yea. Similar results. So of course...Ryan needed to try
Of course he nails it on the first try..but I was laughing so hard that I couldn't get a good picture. This is take number 5. I kept waiting for my bed to break when each of them landed. I told Ry it would be a great reason to have to get a new one. Of such luck!

Then with all the rain going on for the past week..we have been home BORED out of our minds...
Eating Spam Musubi till we can't stand it anymore!
Listening to ipods
Oh the shirt says it all. Thank you Escotts.

We have played hair salon, restaurant, kitchen, everything else under the sun. Then Uncle Raymond came to stay with us for awhile. Which I am excited...because...that means in a matter of weeks, my nieces will be here! Also too..on the 21st our Gabby Ann is coming to stay with us! Hope your summer is filled with smiles!

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Mary said...

Looks like the girls (and Ryan) were having lots of fun on the beds. Maybe if they keep it up, the bed will break and you will get the new one! :)