Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sick days

Today is sick day number too. I hate being sick..but hopefully I am making the turn. So we laid low all day today..and have flooded my system with vitamins..and am debating a blessing we will have to see what happens! So focusing on the positive

  • Logan is a pretty rockstar puppy. One or two things urk me..but he is an amazing puppykins!
  • Logan has decided my bed is his bed
  • All three of my girls can play together without fighting for at least two hours. Today it was just what I needed!
  • Aussie conditioner makes me smile
  • My cel phone screen died..but one is coming in the mail already.I
  • It's not an Iphone, but do I really need one?
  • Paint makes everyone happy!
  • As for all the problems Ry and I have, he can move my house in one weekend. Hate him love him.whatever!
  • Tyra is going to be babysitting tonight. I love that she is old enough and awesome enough to want to do it.
  • Tyra has pretty much decided that she is going to go to Fernandina Middle.
  • Pigtails are cute at almost any age!
  • Traysea's haircut makes my life so much easier
  • Chicken wings, perfect!
That's all I got for right now..but my husband is out for a boy sleepover. The things wardroom losers do! Must be nice that he can go and drink till he is sick..and sleep over..while I am home, sick taking care of our children! Oh the fun I buy into!

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Mary said...

I hope you feel better soon! Let me know if you need anything.