Monday, December 31, 2007

*A time of reflection*

It seems that everyone takes a minute this time of year to stop and "smell the roses." Roses smelling time actually started a few months ago. I often have to take a second and just thank God for everything he has given me. I am ABSOLUTELY blessed! And in moments like this, I always am thankful for the struggles that God has put me through. Now of course, in the moment of the test, I am not sure why God choose me. But when I get to sit here and reflect, in the midst of bliss, I know why God tested me. So right now, I could realize, just how wonderful my life is! Now my mom always told me, I lived a "charmed" life! I truly have been. I believe that everyone in life is dealt a set of cards. It is all how you play them out. There were many and many places I could have failed, but in God's hands, he has lifted me and carried me through so many things!
* Okay, so enough with all the mushy stuffs....The things I am thankful for, would be a list of about a million. But at the top of my list, would be my mother. Plus my dad. But my mom has always be the constant for me. Now of course every daughter reading this is rolling their eyes thinking, of course she selects her mother. It seems like a natural choice. But the funniest part, is that my mom never wanted to be my best friend. I think even when I say it to her now, she is not totally sure she likes that role. But she is. She is my rock. She is my sounding board and my HUGEST fan! She always knew that my creative "gifts" would be what carried me through out. She is just happy she was alive to see it happen.
*Then, of course, my three girls. Now I know you guys are saying, how does your mom out rank your children. I was a young mother. I was just a baby when I had her. But I totally remember thinking, I was made for this. I didn't have the normal "panicked" feelings about being a mother. God gave me a girl. I had two nieces, I knew how to take care of a girl. Tyra and I, together, pushed through her childhood! I have to say, with the help of my village, my girls are turning out pretty awesome. Everyday they remind me of the gift God has provided me.
*Then there's my Ryan. Ryan for all his minuses offer me a world of pluses. We truly are a team in this. Our marriage has never been perfect, but all marriage takes work, and lately we have been working really hard. And with hard work, we are rewarded. We are suppose to be together. Now I am so not saying that in the mushy gushy, he is my best friend bit. But he is the person that totally is there when I stop. His weaknesses are my pluses. He works really hard to make sure that our family has the best! Thanks HUN!
*I have the best group of friends, that let me love on their children and me a part of my children's lives. I get to steal a son. Love you Gam Gam! I get to be a part of a teenagers life. I get to benefit from the experience of their mother to help me guide my 12 year old. She offers me a lunch partner, a best friend, someone I know that I would love to be when I grow up! I have found a new best friend. She shares my love of crafts, with a similar family style and a drive that have. Love you Memo!
*Next in line would be my job. Now I don't know anyone in the world that loves their job as much as I do! I mean being a part of The Pink House TEAM. It was an incredible chance for me. My mom has always known I would be this type of business. Craft for a living, not to mention shopping! I mean seriously, I still pinch myself! I totally lucked into an awesome situation. I mean I had some retail experience, but no way to this level. Not to mention, that finding Michelle and Karla, was like I knew them forever. Never ever is it just a employee/employer relationship. It is SCARY how often, Michelle and I have the same thoughts and ideas. Karla, just sits backs and laughs at just how scary it is! As much as we think like one mind, we are different enough and comfortable enough that we can just say exactly what we think, unfiltered! It is pretty awesome! Yes, we have been friends for just a couple months. I guess it's been six months now. WOW, where did the time go? I hope that my final months here in Charleston don't fly by like this. I would hate to wake up one day and it be time for me to get on an airplane! If Michelle from the Pink House is reading this, then she is telling me to stop talking about this!
Well with midnight approaching, I need to get to my family! Happy New Year from The Malama-Auger gang!!

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