Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Sorry I have let my blog slide. Far too many things have been going on..and my blog has suffered!

But we moved..and at first I wasn't totally excited about it..but now..I love it. My space is smaller..but that also means less to clean! Our favorite things...

No yard work! I think ry might be a bit more excited about that then me. But I do love it tons.

I have a pool! Nothing makes me kids happier then going to bed in their bathing suits..so they can get to the pool as soon as the sun comes up!

A house that takes less then forty minutes to clean from top to bottom!

Pretty much all I have for today. I have been taking tons of pictures...and....promise to catch you guys up when things really settle down!

Did I mention my brother's family now lives here! Purely amazing~

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