Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Holy Heck

  • Blogging is starting to become a chore.
  • Who let summer go by so quickly? Can I get do over?
  • Why does a forty minute drive seem so far?
  • School clothes shopping makes me tired!
  • I saved 439 dollars today. Yes be jealous.
  • More shopping tomorrow
  • Mini vaca this weekend. We are excited
  • Logan was sick today
  • I hate throw up! easily said my carpets are freshly cleaned
  • we got home way too late...but instead of sleeping i am blogging
  • my best friend is my mom
  • contacts make my life easier
  • laundry sucks
  • dishes suck
  • a house full of chore working girlies...happiness
  • picture developing...yea...i just gotta go and pick them up now.
This has been the craziest summer for the girls and i ever. I wonder why...

Anyway..tonight we have a class at church. And Elder Bowen taught an AMAZING class. Easily said he is an amazing teacher. But I have already said that.

Okay..its super late..and i have a bright morning tomorrow.

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