Friday, August 21, 2009

OH those blessings and my random blah blah blah

  1. the start of soccer season ='s amazing. i got to sit there and watch all three girls practice. and all i had to do..was provide water!
  2. doing service for someone else is great reward.
  3. i love that I am prompted to do something and it is just what that person needed! Thank you Heavenly Father for using me!
  4. Logan Ka'eo is getting huge!
  5. Tyra decided to homeschool another year...YEA!~
  6. My nieces live too far away. I am sad!
  7. Jennifer lives too far away..I am sad too!
  8. I love the pool! It's the best thing EVER
  9. I wish the pool was in my back yard.
  10. I am sad one of my friends is leaving. She's pretty rockstar
  11. I am excited for the things that are happening in other peoples lives.
  12. I am pretty jealous of the things happening in other peoples lives.
  13. I am want other wonderful things to happen in my life.
  14. I realized that there is nothing more that I love then being everything to my children.
  15. Saying that, it seems that I won't be working a full time job anytime soon!
  16. Last night i was reminded just how much I love three particular missionaries. Well two RM's (those are my initials) and one still serving.
  17. One is underway. One is at work. and one will turn 21 saturday! I miss all three of them.
  18. Tyra turns 14 this coming tuesday..where did those years go?
  19. Right now there are four hangers in my living room.
  20. Logan loves hangers
  21. I dominated in a bowling tournament.
  22. I was reminded just how competitive i really am.
  23. why do schools have 1/2 days for the first day. it really is only a tease of excitement!
  24. we still need converse and school supplies!
  25. i miss my mommy. i know that she is at home, taking care of grandma emma..but i selfishly want her to come and visit me like she use to!
  26. we still have no plans for my baby girls 14 birthday. depressing..i know!
  27. i selected the photographer for our soccer pictures.
  28. i have been to starbucks five times in seven days..and i don't even drink coffee!
  29. i did find out that their shaken lemonade can be made with herbal teas. YEA
  30. that i need to own a cow. we never have enough milk!

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