Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My baby girl is 14

Fourteen years ago Heavenly Father in trusted her to me!
It's been an incredible ride!

Today she is still simple adorable
Has the best insides jokes
Favorite color is blue
enjoys soccer and basketball
loves hanging out with her mom
enjoys movies
love that her cousin ashlee, oh and kaipo and nalani, have moved 30 minutes away from her
enjoys her gameboy and psp
is attached to her ipod
has great hair!
got a new cel phone and can text like a bandit
loves steak and potatoes..spam musubi
was finally brave enough to just ask for money
lives in hats, and probably has one in each color
still has the cutest hazel eyes
has one dimple

Overall she is still amazing! She has the best personality. She is moody and talks back, but when you scrap it all away she is pretty rockstar!

I love you Tyra krystyne! Happy Birthday!


Karrie said...

Happy Birthday Tyra!! You have really blossomed into a young lady. I miss you guys. Breakfast is not the same. Evelyn and Kevin really miss their friends.

Mary said...

She's beautiful! Happy Belated Birthday Tyra!