Friday, August 21, 2009

Meet your teachers

Yulee primary school had their meet your teacher day. Totally not a requirement for my girls, but because we have taught them to read..and I am lazy and let them get the mail, they received their post cards letting them know that between 12 nd 2 on Friday, august 21st it was come meet your teacher day. So off we went. Waved..checked out the lay of the land..then broke out...

For a tyra birthday party. We picked up 3 other super adorable girlies! Okay my nieces, and meet jen and her boys at chuckie cheese. Now the background story to that..tyra has had a birthday celebration at chuckie cheese from 1 through 9. Oh she loves today we hit there..and then off to spend a few hours with my favorite man...Channing!

GI joe was amazing..but what was my favorite thing EVER...seeing my three girls..and my three nieces together again! Magical!

But today I realized my life really has come a long way. I was in the 8th grade when my oldest niece was born. I was there when Kaipo was born..then bring tyra home from the hospital to find out that Tana was knocked up with Ashlee. To crazy stories for Traysea..and the gift that we have known as Nanea. How did I just get SO lucky to have six pretty rockstar girlies in my family! Blessings I tell you..pure blessings! tomorrow is a school supply shoe shopping day.
wish us luck!

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