Thursday, August 27, 2009

Holy Rain cloud batman

Today was a rainy day! A great day to spend stuck in the girls closet. Not to mention..swimming to the surface a midst the tsunami called clean laundry in my house. I guess it would seem all I did this summer was just wash clothes and somehow got away with not putting them away! I guess when you live in your swimsuits, you can make any day work....

So that was how the past two days have been spent....I take Kahe and Nanea to school..come home, and then get to work. Last night I could have worked on it..but i decided to play on the on my farm..and read blogs. I know a productive night.

So today, I was back at it..but I have to see, the girls closet and room..looks great. We stacked the beds so they are bunked, but now the girls want them mated. I have to tell you, I want them side by side too!

What else what else..oh its been a busy busy week. Soccer practice..Family home evening...dinners with aunty practices...not to mention school! Tyra is finishing up all her classes..took two final finals today...and then the piglets started school. It's been a long week..and my neck and body are really feeling the effects!

But besides that..oh did I tell you that Tyra's presents have been trickling in. Money has been on her list of "needs" and then Christopher...the coolest missionary ever, got her a camera..BOY she is spoiled! Anyway...the hangers are asking me to pick them up before my bedtime.

OH..I also have 2 huge bags of clothes..I just need a baby girl smaller then Nanea. Everything is pretty much 4s and 5s. Let me know!

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Felicia Fernandez said...

Well if Xavier would have stayed a girl, I'd say you could send the clothes to me. Oh well! :)