Tuesday, December 9, 2008

As done as much as it is going to be done!

My house is pretty much as festive as it is going to be for this year. Of course while you are moving..you are always missing something...

My missing item is one bins filled with Christmas house decor. Oh well. Right? So our outdoor lights and some things like my bell wreath and things like that are missing. BUT yesterday the man that lives here went on the roof and put up our lights...
Then we bought lawn ornaments...not what I wanted..but they are okay..
Tyra hung the flag for the mail box.
The snowman is sitting next to my door.
My Happy holidays banner gracies my entry way
My house smells of cranberry wonderfullness. Well laundry soap and cranberry wonderfulness.

In one week mom and dad will be here! This is me doing the cute snoopy dance of happiness!
So..no phone call last night as to what my husbands fate will be here in the next few weeks..but isn't our life just always dictated by him. large sigh. such is our navy life!

Oh and thanks for your comments about disney...i totally want to do the stuffs we haven't done. epcot...space moutain..mission space..we have all done that..well the younger too..no..but we will do all those things again. I sorta think my dad is going to run off with Tyra and mom and I will cart the younger two around for whatever adventure they will want. Which is cool. Tyra loves her papa and would spend every minute with him! And he..her too!

Anyway..so today I am one year older..and woke up at five and haven't been able to go back to sleep! I wish I could say it was excitement..but now..I think it was just the call of a quiet house. Well..I gotta run..gotta get the monkeys out of bed!


The Huls Family said...


Brad and Lauren said...

Happy Happy Birthday from Hawaii!!! Enjoy your day, I hope it is filled with happiness and joy!!! Love you lots and miss you!

Shelly said...

Looks very nice! Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Michelle said...

Have a Happy 33

Blonski fam said...

Love the decor... I want t he balls... they are too cute. I kind of want them in the house- yes.. .I know... only me right?!

Mary said...

Your house looks like mine! You'll see tomorrow when you come to the party.