Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh me or my!

Wow..that really makes me sound busy??? Well I did add to my holiday home decor. Cause I just loves me some Kiss moose...I had to add some of this and that. First off..the magic timer was added to the light for the house..WHY you ask..because once the man I live with was on the roof, we realized we should have started at the other end because the lights end up on the side of the house and not right at our front door. Luckily we have outlets on that side of the house..but we have to walk out to the side of the house to turn them on and off. Thank goodness for the timer! Thanks Keri and Steve!!!

So I added these. Penguins towels floor mats, and placemats.

Reindeer placemats for my countertops

A new rug for entry into our house
A cute little plaque thingy..
Each child hand picked stocking
Then my snowman faces bell tree. I love it!

Okay so my house is basically done. Of course I say that then find something else totally adorable to put into my house...

So yesterday was my birthday and I am so blessed to be surrounded by a bunch of fun peeps..
I had breakfast out. Then lunch out.
Then dessert in Kingsland. And of course...the only picture I have is of dessert!
You have to love a friend that you can text and say..heh want dessert...and then drive twenty or so minutes to get some. Even when she is working out. Love you girlie!!!
OH and my flowers. Oh how I love flowers....

Then today I have a beverage committee meeting. Now I have to say something funny about the beverage committee. One I think we are totally going to get along! But secondly that OF COURSE i picked the beverage committee. If I am going to be forced to help..we all know I am not going to set up..or break down. I am not going to run a silent auction or serve of course..there is drinks! was back to the sweetest things..and I met some super fun people. Then I met my girlie is a blogging person too! Hi Hope!

Did I mention that today was a wonderfully warm day? Overcasted..but since we live eight miles from the beach it's a beach bound afternoon!

More for later!


Miss Hope said...

Hi Ronee! Had a blast today hanging out and doing a little bit of shopping. Methinks we're going to rock the beverage committee deal!

Looking forward to more "meetings" in the future!

p.s. Uh....lemme know when you hit the beach again. We only got to go one time this year, believe it or not.

Sheila said...

All your decorations look great Ronee! =)

Mary said...

I love all of your decorations-very festive!