Saturday, December 27, 2008

What have we been doing???

So want to know where I have been for the past few days...
Well..Saturday is clean house day. OH and did we have to catch up! So my day was spent with laundry duty. Thankfully Ryan decided he could do the bathrooms. So mom and I sat on the couch folding laundry and calling their owners to come get them and put them away. This is my favorite thing...that my girls all can put away their clothes in their drawers. I am waiting for the day that the two younger ones have the ability to hang up clothes. OH day!!!

But really our days have been filled with this

We are addicted! Ryan, Tyra, kako and I have decided to just see how far we can get...oh and as if we could forget #3

Yes that's her in full concentration! If she isn't playing Guitar Hero..then she is Tray are playing littlest pet shop. Either in real life or via the game boy

So my house has been very quiet! Every child, including my oldest..aka DH, is glued to some kind of game system! Tomorrow we are headed out to the movies! I will try and catch up more then!

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Misty said...

Fun stuff! Yay for parents in town =) Lunch soon