Monday, December 8, 2008

Sigh Sigh

So it is Monday morning..and my weekend was filled with this and that blahness...
Festival on base...lame.  They did have snow which is the only reason we went.  The rest of it was lines and lines..and I guess I am comparing to the one in Charleston..that or my children are just getting too old for those type of things.  Who knows...Sunday Jake went home.  The girls miss him!
But Friday I got a scare.  The school nurse calls me and tells me that #2 has lice.  WHAT?  My children with lice IMPOSSIBLE!  So we all rush to get her picked up and home and medicine in her hair..and get to work....only to find that she had none.  Seriously...I mean of course my house was totally turned upside down..washing everything that possibly could hold lice.  Washed my hair..all three girls..and of course the one him that lives here...and nothing.  OH how I hate that!  Oh well.  So of course I am upset..and had a discussion with the school this morning.  There answer...oh well sometimes people make mistakes.
I am trying to finish Christmas cards...that is a whole nother subject.  I broke down and bought the Costco cards...BUT of course they screw them up.  So I end up going a different route.  Not what I love..but right now..I just need to get them out!
 The only male in our house has a doctors appointment today.  Pray he actually gets to go to work.  He misses it..and I miss him working!
#3 is still coughing.  Not sure what the heck she has..but she needs to get rid of it.  I am debating a trip back to the doctors so she can get a breathing treatment.  She is totally not IN NEED of one...but it always works..I just don't want it to get that bad.
It's one day till my birthday!  Should I feel older.  Cause I will be the whopping 33.  Which doesn't phase me.  Maybe next year it will!  I want to do something fun with all my friends..not sure what..but we will have to see!
It is eight days till mom them get here!  She SO needs a vacation..and I SO need my mom!
I am trying to find all the wonderful things to do at disney..if you know of any message me!
My girls will be missing their Christmas Parties for their classes at school.  I am trying to see if they really care.  I mean seriously..disney or hang around at school?  I would bet #3 would say school.  
When i look at my december calendar it seems totally bare..but yet I feel SO busy.  What the heck?

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Michelle said...

My fave's are:
Animal Kingdom - the dinosaur ride, the river rapids, the african safari
Epcot - the "golfball"
Magic Kingdom - Space Mtn, haunted mansion
MGM - the kids like Tower of Terror

Definitely use the Fast Past when you can. Have fun.