Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm fine

Sorry I made everyone panic. Your girl is fine. A hiccup or two here and there, and of course I am still in the game....speaking of games....Traysea started basketball practice..and let's just say..she's awesome. Of course I am coming from the total not bias at all perspective! I mean seriously..right? She's pretty rockstar. That's a shout out to all the middle children out there...right Kelly? Anyway..Tray loves basketball. I don't know if she loves it cause she knows it's ry and I have this crazy love for basketball...or because she just feels that is her best sport...anyway..we are playing for MWR, which isn't all horrible at this age..but is a 30 minute drive twice or three times a week depending. BUT oh well..

Sorry..I know I should totally random..but my head hasn't really been all there for the past few days.

Mom and Dad arrived yesterday! YEA! The girls have all been counting down till grandma and papa's arrival. Yes my mom was just here like six weeks ago..but daddy wasn't. So insert snoopy happy dance here!

They arrive bearing some fruits from home. Food...clothes...hawaiian print neck pillows...dresses..and whatever else they could think of for my girls! Promise I will post pictures later. Today we are off to the happiest place on earth.
Yes disney before Christmas. Trust me we have learned that disney after christmas is never a good choice. thought we head out for a jump start to the weekend..and make it tons of fun..and be back in time to get my brother off the plane..and then have Christmas at home. I heart my family!

Nanea had her tonsils looked at...and they referred her to another doctor down at the Children's Hospital. I guess it's good that the doctor realized his limits..and gave us to someone else..but they don't have an opening until the middle of January next year. Oh well, at least Ryan will be around!

Anyway..I should be packing and finishing washing the clothes...I will catch up with you guys later!



Miss Hope said...

Have a wonderful time at Disney! I'm betting time will fly by cuz that's what holidays with family do. Can't wait to see what goodies you got!

Mary said...

Enjoy the visit with your parents!