Monday, December 1, 2008


I have been a lazy lazy girl. Ryan being home always brings that out in me. I mean seriously..when he sits around..i want to sit I have to find it in myself to be motivated.

I miss the cutest Jack and Spencer I know! Their nana is a whole month! I am SO happy for Misty!

Speaking of mama's mine will be here in 15 days...

Oh and speaking of's my birthday in eight days!

I want a new texting phone for my birthday..I found it..I love it!

I want to lock Tyra in a box and filter all that she is exposed to! I mean seriously..we had to take the laptop away! I hate being the mean mommy to her!


Medical hold..ugh...

Today I took nanea to be evaluated by her PCM about her tonsils and her adenoids. From just a quick stick out her tongue and let me can totally see her tonsils. They are huge!!! She needs them out ASAP! But we are going to have to wait till her adenoids are looked it is one surgery..not two. Ugh! My baby girl! I promised she pudding pops for every meal! I think she is already starting to think far too much about it. Poor nanea!

I got Ryan's Christmas present!

Tomorrow is Commissary and Costco day..ugh..but I think I am going to go and get my Christmas cards printed.

Lately I just haven't been crafty. I know it sucks..but my Christmas card dream is over...I am still dealing with that.

I bought the girls personalized ornaments today. They are them..and they loved them. that's all that matters!

It's eleven..SO my bedtime! Catch up with you guys soon!


Sunshine said...

It was nice seeing you today. Take care and I hope you feel better soon.

Misty said...

Poor girl with the tonsils. I hope she feels better soon! Laziness is good sometimes, I want to take a nice long nap today if given the opportunity! See you in a bit for lunch =)