Friday, November 28, 2008

Let it begin!

So my best friend Sean texts me this morning..asking what our day is going to be like. I say..oh just putting up the tree and starting to decorate the house...then I get a response...
"Oh you are one of those type of people."
So I guess I am one of those type of people. But last year we waited to the very very last moment. Remember Ry had his test and I was working like a crazy fool. But this year our totally child rated tree is up and decorated. Ry has a rule about our has to be totally kid like. Color lights..crazy decorations that our children get to put on. Who cares about balance..and covering long as it is totally thrown together and makes the girls smile. I guess...I have to just deal with it. Ryan hated having the perfect tree in his house. His mom has a beautiful tree that she puts up every year. And every year..ryan hated it. Therefore we will forever have a kids tree!
Then of course the traditional post decorating pictures

Also today..we got a visitor!
Jakes parents went of a post Thanksgiving Disney trip!


Mary said...

We're those type of people too. Nothing wrong with that!

Felicia Fernandez said...

Yeah, my tree is up and totally kids too! Gabe put 20 ornaments in a 10 inch diameter and they're all backwards. Marcellino did good spacing them out but there are some bare spots. I too just breath and tell my OCD it's okay because my boys did it and it's beautiful. Love you!

Misty said...

Beautiful! Lunch this week sounds great, let me know what day you were thinking of! =)