Friday, March 16, 2007

Testing anyone out there?

Well, this is my first post every and I am very nervous. I have seen great blogs out there and I don't think I can live up to what they do..but I loved to give back. Since it is late tonight I will take pictures in the morning of the project I did today. My friends Claudia, Gail, and Keri Serika...Pink Lemonade...we got together and stamped today. Claudia got everyone a SU Bitty Book to play with. Has anyone ever got one of these? Please tell me it takes you more then the ten minutes as noted in the instructions. I feel I am..a bit above average crafter. BOY OH BOY did I miss this bad boy up. Paper on the spine ripped. I had to come back and cover that portion. It was crazy. I didn't even start to "alter" the outside cover. Thank goodness I had to stop and head off to get Traysea! That's my middle daughter...Anyway..I promise to get on track and post some fun things! I have been stampin away.

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