Thursday, March 22, 2007

Oh my goodness enough already!

I promise this is going to be my last post of the day. I have been trying to get caught up. These projects are a bit old..BUT I had to share them. Keri Serika, pink lemonade, opens up her house to me so I can stamp by. She is awesome..and has the cutest children. Since she has Emi, her 3 month old..oh you want to bite her! Sorry..since she has Emi, it is easiest for us to go to Keri's and stamp. About two weeks ago, Keri said that we could make tabletop trash cans! OH..I did not know how much I needed one until I made one. Ms. Keri purchases her tomato sauce at Sams or Costco, therefore is left with these HUGE cans. Well to any other person, you would just toss those. Not Mrs. Serika. She cleans them up and stores them in her studio..oh yea..people like Keri they don't have craft rooms..they have studios. Anyway, she stores them there. Well...tada..she let us cover them

..and we used the crop o dile..which reminds me I got one today..THANK YOU MS. GAIL...I used three bugs in a row paper. Mine is a bit crazy. But I was going to add the monogram "t" from SU. But I didn't. I thought that it looked cute all crazy. My two younger girls just love it. They want one to.

Remember earlier in my blog I mention the Bitty Book. Also the horror and mental stain it took to cover these things. Well today with everyone we were talking about it. Ms. Claudia went back and checked it out...for anyone that thinks they want to make a bitty book. Cut each piece and leave the creased areas blank. This is the only way you will not rip your paper! I am going to take mine apart and start over..but here is a picture of my bitty book. I used SU!'s awesome Paisley paper. Ms. Claudia promises no more bitty books!

And finally...Here in South Carolina...well more so here in the Lowcountry. Yes that is what they call this part of South Carolina. Have a bunch of girls that get together and swap once a month. This month is at Ms. Sally's office. It is a typical swapping activity. Everyone makes their creations and then swaps them at the event. The work of some of these women makes me drool. Today I got a sneak peek of Ms. Michelle's swaps. OUTSTANDING. I have to go back and make new swaps. These are my swaps:

I was like..the craze of everyone having a backpack tag..I thought..oh how cute. SO NOT ENOUGH. When I go to the swap this weekend I will show you the skills of some of these girls! Anyway...I better get off..I need to go back to the drawing board! Have a great night!


Beate said...

WOW!!!! Everything looks gorgeous! I love your bitty book and luggage tag.

gowens said...

Why you sneaky girl. What a nice surprise reading your new blog. You and your girls bring so much to our little stamping group. We sure do have alot of fun. Just keep the flea market a secret, OK.

Allison said...

Great blog...I'll be back!