Saturday, March 24, 2007

A beautiful day!!!

So this morning I get up knowing today was suppose to be the best day so far this year! IT was 83! I mean seriously I had to get the girls outside..but what to do what to do...I knew that I needed to get on the Easter clothes. But do I want to take the girls to the mall on such a beautiful day? SO..we headed out to pick up Tyra from her friend's house at one. Then off to the mall. BUT at the mall..well in their parking lot was a mini carnival. My children love the carnival! Well they love the amusement park. So this carnival was horrible. NOW I come from an island where the carnival is a big deal. One Oahu all we have is the carnival. It's funny we go from season to's either the Farm Fair. Or Punahou Carnival..for surely my favorite...then the baseball carnival and then the State Fair. Anyway..sorry I got side tracked. Anyway, but the girls insisted that they had to go. I was on board because I go to the carnival for the food! All I could think of was all the wonderful things I could be feeding myself. That is why my sister and I go to the fair. To walk around and eat till we can barely fit into our clothes. But okay..So we get there and the best thing they have to offer is a candied apple and cotton candy. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It was something about some health code issue and the lack of proper refrigeration. I guess that is a good thing. I would hate to have under refrigerated meat..right? YUCK. Anyway so I buy the tickets, no braclets, and we head off to ride. The little ones decide that the Merry go round is our first stop. Now I was not sure about this ride. The operator was listening to a walkman. YES a walkman. Smoking. He was smoking at a children's ride. I pushed my horrible thoughts aside and let the girls get on. Traysea felt that the horse wasn't safe but Nanea, the ever adventureous one climbed right up on the purple horse and held on for dear life.

The ride went really fast..Tyra took these awesome pictures. I happen to have her camera in my bag. Good thing! Tyra is a crazy photographer. The child clicks clicks clicks..but thank goodness for digital! Anyway..after that ride Tyra wnated to head to the "Orient Express." So when I say that, do you think it is a train?'s not. It is that children's roller coaster but dressed up to look like a Chinese dragon. This is what probably drew Tyra in. Cause we are Japanese and Chinese..or just because..she is attracted to anything Asian. Anyway, Nanea knew she was going to be on this ride. Traysea on the other head wasn't sure. Luckily we got to the ride as it was ending and at Carowinds, they have a very similar roller coaster and she loved it there! So everyone gets their tickets and they are into the ride.

Are you saying to yourself...where is Traysea? Well she is seated next to Nanea. Ducked so far down in the seat. It is too funny. The three year old isn't scare, but my five year old is. Nanea is that child. She loves to live at the very edge of the cliff. She loves that edge. She had a great time!

Tyra had an okay time. As much as she pretends to hate crazy rides, she loves the thrill. This one lacked so much thrill, but Tyra is always smiling! Anyway after this ride the girls hit the bees. This was the best ride..I think everyone had fun!

Look at that a trip to the mall resulted in some time outside. When we finshed with the bees, the tickets were gone. The girls had their waters and were more then ready to head inside to some air conditioning. Plus all my girls love shopping. Well not really love it..Tyra isn't huge on it. What happened??? My oldest daughter!! She has to be Ryan's child! Traysea and Nanea are always up for the challenge. Plus we were looking for Easter dresses. Traysea and Nanea love to play dress up! So this was right up their alley. Well after almost five hours of shopping we came up with two dresses and a shirt. Traysea and Nanea were able to find a dress after three stops. Dillards...Gymboree..and then Belk. Not to mention they were having a that worked out awesome. But nothing for Tyra. The poor girls tried on 27 dresses today. I have to say she is my trooper. We finally went with a shirt and will go in search of a skirt sometime next week. I didn't find sandals or dress shoes for anyone. My oldest wants to just wear her rainbows. Can my daughter wear kalipas? Oh sorry kalipa's are Hawaiian for slippers..aka flip flops. If everyone gets rainbows..then we can wear them till they fall apart right? White dress shoes have the one time wearing and I don't think it's worth the $45. Right? I think I am just trying to justify it. We are in South Carolina..not to mention that we orginally are from Hawaii wear kalipas are considered all purpose footwear. SO we have don't have everything we need for this one Sunday! It is the one time a year I don't have to FORCE Tyra to wear a dress or skirt. Plus God gave me daughters to play dress up with. So I get to get them cute dresses with adorable hats, plus white gloves! I love love it. Oh well...the quest continues. I am off to bed so I can sleep in for my swap event Sunday afternoon! I am excited..I promise to come back and show you everything I get! Be excited with me!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ronee! I am SO happy that Traysea really liked the cub! Great blog BTW, I'm too lazy to start one!