Saturday, March 24, 2007

Nanea loves the ducks! Oh and my swaps update!

Yesterday Ryan needed to be picked up early from the Citadel. So...I did the mom thing and ran Tyra to school at 8:15 and then killed time till Traysea started school at 9..well 8:45..but then Ryan needed to be picked up at 9:45. Goss I felt like a taxi. So to make it worth it...I told Nanea we would stop by Hampton Park and feed the ducks after we got her daddy! This is something we use to do all the time! We use to pick up Ryan from school twice a week last year and Traysea didn't have school..SO the girls and I use to hit the Children's Museum at 10, when they opened. We would have lunch downtown and then head to Hampton Park to feed the ducks! The girls love to feed the ducks. BUT the ducks at Hampton Park aren't your average ducks. They are a bit crazy. Not to mention the insane Seagulls. Anyway we always take pictures, and Nanea knew exactly where she wanted to take her picture at!

This is at the edge of the pond and it has this water "spout". Hampton park is not one of the best parks to visit in the Charleston Area..but it has ducks! Anyway so I spent my morning outside with my youngest daughter and husband. Ryan was not having as great a time as Nanea and I were. He was "stuck" in his Khaki uniform sweating. It was 78. Oh well. Then I came home to work on my swaps. If you recall earlier I told you about how awesome Ms. Michelle's swap were and I had to go back to the drawing board. So I went back..and I came up with these. They aren't all that great..and techincally.."they are so last season." But I have not been able to let go of the Winter mini.

I used everything SU. I used Close to Cocoa as my card base. Regal Rose is the piece I tore. One the regal rose I stamped with versamark the four square image from
Loving hearts. I then clear embossed on that. I think that I let it dry too long inbetween because there are some parts that the embossing powder didn't really take. I then layered a piece of Loves Me paper on top of that. Cut out a square of Cool Caribbean cardstock and then cut a Chocolate Chip square and stamped Love you. From the same Loving Hearts set. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this sentiment. I bought the entire set for this one stamp. It's a family thing. We always say love you..and love you too. It started when my oldest oldest niece is going to be 19 come July....anyway..she never said I love you. She always said "okay love you too." Even if she was the first one to say it. Sorry a moment you had to be to enjoy. Anyway..Then I used Rose, white grosgrain and the ric rac from the flirty ribbon set. Yes yes I know so last season. I wish I had bought more. Oh well. I love this card. I was stressing out tons yesterday. I couldn't even think of something that I would make. My swaps are suppose to be spring or Easter..but oh well..right? I am also still giving the turtles. Acutally I don't know what the heck I am going to do. I guess I will have to let you know for sure..when I get back from my swap! Pray that I survive! This women always make me nervous!

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