Sunday, March 25, 2007

Today's adventure

So today was an excellent day! The weather was perfect. It made getting up and gearing up for church a delight! Not saying that I dread going to church. Interesting enough I think everyone in my house, minus Ryan, is on fire to go to church. Traysea got up this morning and said "Mama it's Sunday!" So church was basically uneventful. But when I got home it was just one hour till I had to leave to Michelle's an head off to my Carolina Girl's swap! I got to Ms. Michelle's a bit after 1:15 and evderyone was waiting on me. Ms. Pat was nice enough to drive us. Our car had Michelle, Gail, Kim, Pat and myself. CLAUDIA we missed you! today's swap was everything we thought it was going to be. Ms. Sally was this months host. She likes Easter! Plus she likes 3D tada. As promised!

Yes we even stamped the canvas and then attached that to the basket that was provided by Ms. Sally. Missing from the basket is a sleeve filled with peanut butter m&m's with this cute topper of a bunny's booty with a cotton ball attached as his tail. I found it after I took the pictures and was just too too lazy to upload again. Sally is crazy. She has project after project after project. Sally is lucky enough to have a great Wishbone. It is a crazy machine. You put something into your computer and it cuts it out. Plus she has a husband that helps her in her quest for stamping greatness! So you guys want to see my swaps. OKAY there were 8 of there are six swaps. Want to see? Tada
First is Pat's swap. This is the cutest thing EVER. The bunny is actually a cut out. It is too cute. The purple paper has embossed Easter eggs. She even used the same paper to make a liner for the envie! It is pretty adorable

Secondly, this is Michelle's card. This is the reason I had to make new swaps. To Michelle's defense, she was home all week with nothing but time to stamp. It is so cute. Each petal has jewels. The bling is beautiful on this card.

This is Cindy's card. Simple is beautiful. The color choices were awesome! It is actually a window punch out. When you open the card, the circle is actually on the inside. It is so cute!

Kim has great skills! This is a shadow box. She said she wasn't too excited about them, but I thought they came out great!

This is Gail's. Now I have spent a lot of time stamping with Gail. She attend Keri Serika's stamping "clinics". Then we stamp together at Michelle's. I have really spent a lot of time creating with Gail. I have found out that Gail and I have a lot in common. Her and I frequent the same blogs and site. We also visit the same stores! We like the same things, have been to the same places. Today I found out that Gail and I live..maybe on a day with a lot of traffic, ten minutes from each other! That's it Gail, we have to get together and stamp more! Anyway Ms. Gail made this tall card. I love it!

This is Patti's card. She spent the time to use her paper piercer and did the Pergamano technique. You can't really love it until you see it in real life! It is amazing.

Well there it is everyone! Next month is Ms. Patti's house. I have to come up with a boy card or father's day. UH OH! I am in trouble. I hope that I can come up with something!

Anyway Ryan is on spring break this week SO I am free to stamp without children anytime! SO call me!! I do plan on stamping with a few on my friends on post one day this week..Maybe we should turn it into a huge open stamp..hmm! I will let you guys know!!! Email me or call me if you want to get together! I am excited!


gowens said...

We really did have a great time today, didn't we.


daverichards said...

Hey this is really great...thanks for sharing all these with us...and it seems like you had a wonderful day as well..and hey as we are so close to Easter i'd like you to drop by my blog on Easter Greetings sometime and enjoy all the fun and laughter it's filled up with!!!