Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sorry I was busy

Heh four of five readers! But I was busy catching up on my home. Laundry was overwhelming, bathrooms needed to be that we have accomplished that..I had time to stamp today with Ms. Michelle. Ms. Michelle about a week ago had knee surgery so she is home "recovering". SO we had an stamping get together. I LOVE to go to Michelle's. I forgot to take pictures but she has the stampin room that I would like to die in! Yes I said die in. Plus, the women it the most organized thing. Today I discovered that she has something else I want. A Powerbook. The Mac's laptop is beautiful! Small, compact..all of just beautiful! today Ms. Gail, Ms. Claudia, Ms. Pat, Ms. Michelle and I got together and had a mini stamp camp. Last week a secret friend of mine showed me a band aid tin project. I loved it and I wanted to make one. So I get to Ms. Michelle's house and guess what we are making. BAND AID TINS! Get out! I was SO excited.

We used the "friends" simply scrappin kit from SU. I was TOTALLY lucky. The stickers that come with the pack has the word friend spelt out. HOT DOG..I just needed the "r"! So I covered my tin with this set. It worked out pretty perfect!

Don't you just love it! I am in love with it. I just don't know whatelse to do with it! What should I put inside??? I'll have to think about that.

SO for a few days I have been trying to think of what I want to make for my Easter cards. I have a thing for threes. It might be related to a religious thing, but either way I like things in threes. I have three children. That or I just like odd numbers. I don't know what it is, but I have been on this trifold kick! I made these trifold cards, but did not have the punch I needed to make the window. But luckily I had a friend..Ms. Gail that has every punch possible. I tried everything else instead...but I went with this. I used Kraft cardstock as the base. I loved this bunny. It's a Close to my Heart stamp that I got from my friend Dawn. She was getting rid of tada I sweeped in. The sentiment I used from My favortive things. It's Keri's, but she let me borrow it. I love friends that have everything! But I used watercolor crayos to color my cutie in. Then mounted him on pink passion and then celery. Again I layered that on top of Enchante. (wink wink..thanks for reminding me of the name of the paper Beate!) I loved it..I think I am going to put a picture of the girls on the insides.

I wish I knew how to post links with in my blogs...because I would send you to Beate's blog and on it she has a tutorial for this card! Either way I have to say I am super blessed to be surrounded by some wonderful stamping people. I found them on splitcoast. They are all in this Charleston area and were nice enough to welcome me into their arms! I LOVE THEM ALL!! Ms. Gail must own every punch there is made. She is a superstar! Ms. Michelle has a room full of stamps and tools and drawers and drawers of paper! Ms. Claudia makes my life full and happy. Her and Ms. Pat seem to have stories of all of there comes and goes! I love that they have welcomed me into their stamping world! Remember I said that it is a blessing to have friends that have everything!!!! Well I now do have that! I can't wait to go back to Ms. Michelle's and stamp. She has a stamp camp coming up..and Ms. Claudia has scheduled a retreat to her Lakehouse so we can have a stampers weekend. Oh yes, you are jealous! Anyway, I just wanted to thank God for sending me them..and thank them for being SO awesome.

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Beate said...

I am jealous, you lucky dog! Sounds like you had an amazing afternoon!
I love your tin. It's absolutely gorgeous! You could make little cards with addresses of your blogging friends. That way you remember to RAK them. LOL
I love your bunny card as well.