Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yesterday's afternoon!

The weather has been outstanding here in South Carolina! Sorry Beate...when we get up to take Tyra to school we are greeted with a chill and grey clouds! But then by mid morning the sun is out and the pollen is high. So on the news today I find out that we have the highest pollen content. 128 is already extremely high, we are somewhere in the thousands! CRAZY HUH! the girls headed outside in the afternoon for sometime in the sun. Below are the girls out playing soccer. This is Traysea's first year playing soccer..and Nanea has been her..forever to play soccer. Nanea is SO ready! We can't wait. Just if she could follow directions the world would be a great place!

Traysea wanted both. Soccer action shots and the cute posed shots with the ball.

Are you saying, but where is Tyra? She is on the other side of the house playing volleyball. When I went over there to take her picture, she stopped and said.."No thanks!" Sorry! No pictures

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