Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another awesome day in South Carolina

Today was a bust. I didn't stamp..well I kinda did create a bit. I am waiting for my stamps to come via Mrs. Brown tomorrow afternoon. SO I cut the cards and the ovals. I am making my Easter cards. Sorry I am going to hide them until my peoples get them! I know that's mean but you love me anyway! So I didn't get to finishing the craft room. Maybe I am sorta avoiding. Who am I kidding? I so am Anyway so I called my friend Keri this morning because I needed to borrow her oval cutter. I couldn't locate mine...anyway so she tells me she is creating this morning and in the afternoon her kids were going to head outside. I was like what are you kids going to do. Oh we are going to go outside and play on the waterslide and pool. I so invited myself and my children over. Yes I am too forward...but heh I needed to go to Keri's why not bring my two younger chickens and let them play with her bunch! So I clicked some pictures on this beautiful day! I didn't get one of baby girl. By the time she got up from her nap I was done clicking. Here are some pictures of the kids outside! The kids are like lighting so there weren't that many pictures..but here are some of the best ones! THANKS KERI!

Hope sunshine is heading towards Texas!!!


Beate said... sun in Texas. After a short appearance here yesterday, the sun is hiding again and the rain is back! I don't care! Love being here anyway.
You lucky duck! Sunshine. I am cold!!! LOL
Love your pictures!

ker said...

That was way too much know what I will be doing MOST of the summer now...and you are welcome to join me ANYTIME~!

Marie said...

Too fun! I got your RAK and love it, thanks so much!! I bet you're talking about Keri Sereika!!!! She used to live about a minute away from me here at Laughlin. I think I remember that big slide/pool monstrosity!!! ;) Tell her I said hi and thanks again!!!