Thursday, March 22, 2007

I almost forgot!! SORRY BEATE! You know I love you!

So if you don't know me...I spend almost every morning..even part of the afternoon, depending on the girl's schedules, checking out blogs. I try to enter EVERY blog candy contest possible..everyone has such AWESOME goodies...and I love to comment on cards and just see everyones creativity. SO every morning while the girls are eating breakfast, I sit down at my laptop and have my breakfast with Beate. This has been happening now for about six or so months. Okay, maybe not that long, but it is a routine. I also stop by Jenn's and Keri Serika's. Well one day I comment on how great it was that Beate took a picture of her cute feet..with the water in the background and posted that instead of a card or project. I told her good for her she was a hard working stamper that needed a break. Plus the child lives about two seconds from their fav vacation spot..of course that stamping and head for the beach. Anyway..sitting in my inbox was a personal email from BEATE. At first I was like no way. I must have done something and her blog kicked my comment back. Sure that this was the case, I opened the email to be surprise with a personal email from Beate. if you read Julie's blog this morning. She got an email from Carol Duval. Beate is not Carol Duval, but I had the same washed over feeling that I'm sure Julie had. Anyway..we got to chatting back and forth..and then she got my address..and a few days letter I received this.

My very own Beate card! "Bow down,bow down. Okay boys I feel your love!" Sorry that's a quote from Ramon in the move Happy Feet. Which I have watched twice in the IMAX. Then again at the regular theater, and now it graces my home four or five times. Yes we got it Tuesday! My girls are in love. I do have to say I LOVE IT. At this point I have to right? Anyway I just wanted to send a HUGEST HUGE to Beate! If you don't know who she is check out her blog! She's a superstar!

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Beate said...

Thanks for your sweet words. You made me all verklempt!

I am having so much fun with my breakfast. Thanks for chatting with me in the morning!