Tuesday, June 26, 2007

*CHA Chicago here I come*

Heh gang:
So while I was on my North Carolina trek tour I got an email from fellow Carolina Girl Patti. She said that there was a scrapbook store opening In North Charleston and they were looking for design team people. Also demonstrators for classes and hourly employees. SO yesterday I met with Michelle. Now she is the daughter of the owner..but the girl in charge..and she offered me the chance to head to CHA with her in Chicago. How INSANE is that? I mean seriously..I know her all of one hour and she tells me she already have everything in place..all I have to do is get to Chicago..SHUT UP! Anyway..so we talked for about two hours..discussed what she wanted for the store and things like that....When the store is in FULL SWING you guys are going to love it. Right now they are going to have a soft opening this Saturday. HOW crazy is that..THIS SATURDAY! But they have a kids play room...and then paper everywhere..well there will be paper and everything....everywhere! I am so excited. As much as I love going to Mt. Pleasant and Elise's store..I love the closeness of this store being right down the road! Anyway..check out the new store. www.Scrappinatthepinkhouse.com. I will be there Saturday..so come see me! In a few days I will be putting up some "sprinkles" (aka blog candy) cause I am almost at a thousand hits! Hope you are as excited as I am!

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Lauren said...

How cool are you!!! I am so happy for you. This is something that is so right for you to do it is not even funny!!! Yeah!!! I will so be there on Saturday to see you in your new element.