Monday, June 4, 2007

Seriously, get a life!

Now if you aren't my stalker..then this post isn't for you..but it is funny how people just need to let things go. As for today..I am happily married with three beautiful daughters! I have gone through a lifetime of being hated. People have either been jealous or just out to be horrible. Whatever makes you happy, then fine. But to have to find post I make on other peoples blogs and then forward them to my friends in the hope that they will no longer be my friends is so teenager that you really just need to let it go. Why not work on yourself? I could easily attack you in a mean and horrible way..but why? This post was already more energy then I wanted to put out..but I felt that a message to you was necessary. Be happy with you! I will work out my flaws, why don't you do the same? I have found my peace with God, maybe that is somewhere it should start. God has provided me with so many blessings! Maybe if you stopped...he might reward you too!
To all my blogging friends...sorry I had to post this message, but sometimes..grown women can't stop acting as if they are still in high school!
Hope you guys have a great day!

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