Sunday, June 10, 2007

*On to the next party*

That is what is Ryan said yesterday. So we get home from Trysha's birthday party and we open presents..and then I tell Ry..oh I gotta finish Nang's baby shower favors. He smiles at me and laughs..."On to the next party!" Which is funny...because that is sorta true! BUT I LOVE PROJECTS! I think when I have projects it actually makes me stamp. I guess I really sometimes just need a reason to stamp. Without reasons..sometimes I am just not motivated! they are! I always seem to put this pressure on myself that it has to be a "WOW" project. I was going to be lazy and just purchase a favor kit from Target...cute little tins that you could just fill with mints or whatever, but when I actually started to make the favors..I just was not happy with anything. So yesterday, on adventure with Lauren and Kate, we stopped in at Target Summerville...they happen to have Ghiradelli Chocolate on CLEARANCE! Some how in Target those small red signs call out to me. So Nang like those squares so my wheels started turning. So TADA, these are ChiChi Allen's Ghirardelli Chocolate Square Boxes. I used Cool Caribbean card stock, tear tear, as the base for the box. If you would like to see the tutorial on this box you can visit it here at Chichi's blog "Dreams Come True". I still have not figured out to how add links to this blog yet, sorry! I have been on this personalized bit, so I pulled out SU!'s Big Deal Alpha and made everyone's name. I hope I didn't forget anyone. If I did, I went with a few that say thanks! I also used American Craft reversible ribbon. I LOVE ribbon! Not as much as Jody..but I think I am catching up to her quickly! Anyway..I need to finish wrapping prizes and printing out my game! But it's going to be a great day! I love Nang..she is SO cute! She is having her first baby and it's a boy. Now technically this is their first child...but she has played an important role in raising her nephews! We miss you Ali, Marco and Rico!!! Oh yea their parents too!!!
Okay I gotta run...Sorry the pictures are a bit dark..I took them last night at about 11!

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Beate said...

Those look wonderful! I have to get my lazy bum out of this comfortable couch and get me some chocolate! LOL