Friday, June 8, 2007

My AM vent

Well it's Friday and of true Ronee spirit I have left a lot of things to the last day! I have no real excuse except that when Ry is home it seems like life just sorta stops! right now..what is he doing..lying down on the couch..which makes me want to lie down on the couch next to him. Heck the breakfast dishes! Not to mention the vacuuming my home needs. But he works hard..when he is actually I have given him a real break this leave period. Sleeping in, no or two things to do around our house..BUT I have left him with the girls a billion times..while I go on stampin adventures. It is funny though..leave or not..I would have left Ry if I could. I think it is an investment in future underways. For those of you not Navy or just not familiar with underway periods, it is when your husband gets on a boat and sails away...for undisclosed amounts of time. Price of the Navy. I actually am a weirdo and like the underway period. Not that I don't love my husband. Because in the weird get away from me way..I love Ry to death..but underway periods remind me what I love about him. It works for us..maybe not for others..but when he is gone..we have to talk..via email, letters, even phone calls. Though I hate those crazy 2 am phone calls from some foreign port with those full or emotion "I love you". I know you Navy wives know! Anyway..underway always rebuilds Ryan and mine relationship! BUT the man has not been on a boat..or underway for almost five years! Let's say not the ideal situations for me! They say I should learn to embrace that he is home. Of course as soon as I get around to that..Ry will be assigned to a boat..and the three year sea tour will start. BUT then Ryan got picked up for Engineering Duty Officer. Of course my husband gets selected for something that he will never get underway for! AARRGGH! But it's's Grad School. In a field he wanted! So if I have to have him at least it is in a job he loves! Hopefully in Cali. But after this year..if we choose to cash in our EDO option..Ryan will only have one more sea tour. Another silly part to us...Hawaii isn't some place we really want to go back to. I know..insane right? What Hawaii girl doesn't want to go home? This one. I'd love to go home and visit. But I don't want to live there. It gets so comfortable. If we move back right daddy is retired..and it would be perfect. Daddy would love to run around and get the girls to this and that. Tyra would be playing basketball for a program that I LOVE..with coaches that I TRUST. Traysea and Nanea would have the chance to grow up in Hawaii. The down side...everything in Hawaii is the same. But I would love lunch with Mayumi...Saturday games! ALL OF IT! Okay..I am going to stop before I start to cry. Anyway..I should go already..enough sitting around...right..those breakfast dishes are starting to call my name!
Love you guys

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Kelly said...

I completely hear you on the "like underways" part of you blog... when they are home all the time Jeremy drives me insane too!