Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Monday!

So today Ryan FINALLY went back to work. Trust me it was a tough 30 days! They say the thing that ruins Navy marriages are Leave days and Shore Duties! I know a lot of wives feel that I am horrible that I love my husband to go away. But it is not that I like him to go away..I just sometimes need to be reminded why I married him. Because as of today...I am not really seeing it! But today he is back at work and it has already been a better day. Dinner is in the crock pot. I living room is clean..I do still need to hit the dining room and kitchen..but it is progress! When Ry isn't home I think I am totally productive. Like I said before...if I see him lying on the couch, why not cuddle in next to him right? Anyway..I am nearing the 500 mark SO I am suppose to come with some "sprinkles". I think that is going to be what I call my blog candy. Now normally I hate hate blog candy..why you ask..well cause it is as if I am begging people to come and check out my blog. So that's not what it is going to be. I am going to come up with a way to reward everyone that comes by! Well send me a suggestion or two! I am going to be stampin today..with ry out of the house...and the day being cooler, I will let the girls outside to play!!!
See yah soon!

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kathy said...

You could stamp images for people. I love getting images that I don't own