Sunday, June 17, 2007

WOW what a post! Happy Father's Day

So firstly, every month a group of us here get together and swap! Our Carolina girls swap is always an awesome event! God has rewarded me with a group of friends that have SUPERSTAR skills! I love being a part of their group. Thankfully ChiChi put that Choco box on her blog! These are the swaps that I scored yesterday!

BEAUTIFUL yea! I loved every minute of yesterday afternoon. Kim was the host and she always has great projects. Kim is SO gifted as a papercrafter! She is the third person that does stamp camp! If you are ever in this area..Kim, Michelle, and Gail hold stamp camp the first Saturday of every month! It's $15. TOTALLY a steal! my friend Keri is cleaning out her stampin studio. Yes when you get up there in the world of paper crafting you go from craft craft craft studio. I am still at the craft room stage! she brought me some of her stamps. Oh boy! PRESENTS!

Then the gifts keep coming. Every year, around this time I need to stock up on paper. I pretty much buy my load of paper right before the new catty comes out. I am not sure why it is that way..last year I knew the price was going up. Same with this year..but I think I just take a year to go through all the paper I bulk up on.
SO here is my paper presents. Just some here and there colors..but also my NEW In Colors. I can't wait to break into them..but I didn't get ink. I don't know what I was thinking!

Last and for surely not least. I got a HUGE present that I have been waiting to buy and get into my hot hands for about a month...are you excited..cause I am excited!

Yes that's an Ellison Big Shot! So of course I had to break her open and start to make something. Trysha needs thank you TADA
I know there are shadows and everything. But after I unpacked all my goodies..put them up and started on these it got pretty late! So I finished those. I just need to go to WalGreens and pick up my pictures. I try to always put a picture in thank you cards! Anyway..I have to get a start on RY's thank yous. Yes he got commissioned at the beginning of May. Yes it is over a month. But Ry and draggin his feet. So now I am going to have to knock those out. But instead of working on those..and playing with all this stuffs I felt inspired. So I decided to get a start on Tyra's birthday invites. Ty turns 12 in August...I know I have issues. Who starts birthday invites two months early, when you haven't even finished the thank you cards for Ryan. Well me..since I had this paper in my thoughts and knew that there was a design I wanted to try out. So I came up with this

Again, not the best picture. But it was like 10:30 at night. But I don't know how I feel about them yet. I know they are a bit on the mature side, but Tyra is turning 12. I think we are going to do something big. It is her final pre-teen birthday so we might want to do something crazy! This card is a 8 1/2 sheet cut the wrong way. You know the long way. It is 4 1/4 by 8 1/2. I have been on this size kick lately. I did the baby shower invites...Trysha's birthday invites and now there in that style. I love how they look. I cut about a half inch of the one size and used the slot punch to hold them close. The flower hides closure. I love the colors! The paper is awesome. Tyra is liking it! We just have to come up with what we are going to do now.
So staying with the same paper and I was looking at the scraps I had around. I flashed back to seeing color blocking on someones blog. So I decided I would make a 4x4 card with the scraps.

A while back Beate sent me some scalloped ovals so I thought that it would be perfect for the front of this card. I inked the flowers in Cool Caribbean and used my marker to ink the stems. I came back with the word "wish" from Everyday Flexible Phrases. I am loving this card. I think it is the color scheme and the paper. Whatever it is! It was a productive day. So I was guessing I was on a roll and who cared that now it was almost midnight I had another idea floating around in my mind.
Nothing great...but I loved this Designer Paper. I am going to send this out to someone that I love. I feel they need off it goes come Monday! Ryan finally made me stop so we could go to bed. But there are still some ideas floating in my head and I plan to get them out of there into a creation hopefully this afternoon!
OH and I spent some of this morning cleaning up my craft room. Because seriously it has turned into the CRAP room. Not because of us storing things in it...Cause my lazy butt hasn't cleaned it in a while. So this is a before picture

So today I am cleaning the desk and vacuuming the floors and reorging my paper storage. Maybe I will find that bag of primas I have lost! Oh well! Oh and Happy Father's day. I made Ry a card that the girls and I signed. We are going to make him dinner...that is what he requested! Ryan is a home body. He LOVES staying that is what we are going to do!
Have a great Sunday!

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