Sunday, June 24, 2007

*a trek to North Carolina*

As promised, I am going to blog about my crafters expedition to north carolina. I have to say I keep great company...but we did a lot of things..and I took a ton of pictures..and will not post them all..but I have a few..
The idea to head North came from the want to head to Archivers. If you haven't been to an should. You can visit them at They have a great variety of things that everyone LOVES. They always have a HUGE clearance section.
Thanks to Sean and is awesome former girlfriend Jeanne we headed to a store called Carolina Memories in Durham. Visit their website at It is by far the best store EVER. The owner Christina was such an awesome person. She working on the computer when we were there and she was SO helpful! Not to mention Charlotte. This store was so worth the trip. They had EVERYTHING..well okay..not everything..but pretty darn close. It was such an awesome store that we visited it twice! You know you are addicted when...Just are the ladies outside the store!
My friend Gail Owens found an ATG. Now we have been checking this bad boy out for over a year..and this is the first time we got to see one in person. As soon as we used it we knew SHE had to get one...I am such an enabler. I knew she wanted it. So all she needed was a little push.I am horrible yea! Sorry Gail..but go ahead and tell me you LOVE IT! I really loved this store. Thanks Christina and Charlotte!
We then headed to Enchanted Cottage.

It was overwhelming as a store. See it was so huge that I had to take three pictures. The store is actually two parted. One building..and then a "Cottage" across the street. I spent tons of money there and the stamps that they had was INCREDIBLE. Seriously I don't think I have ever seen so many stamps in one place. Marilyn there was such a great person. She was so helpful! Visit them on the web at I can't wait to go back! Our last night we spent in Charlotte. We decided to have a no event day and make some paper boxes and bags in the hotel. Trust me..all the driving that day. Not really that the drive was all that was that we seem to find traffic at every turn. BUT God was great to us and kept us safe the entire trip! We got up and headed to the mall. And then we headed home. I was grateful to get home. I REALLY missed the girls! Ryan is about to take the two baby girls on a trip North to see his parents..but Tyra and I are going to hold down the home front. I love time alone with my children. So I think that Tyra and I might decide to go on an adventure. We aren't sure where yet. BUT she is about to turn 12. So maybe we can bond and have some quality time together. Anyway..thanks ladies for a great time!


cndymkr said...

Where in NC were you? We're going to the Outer Banks for 2 weeks and I would love to visit this store. Although with my luck it's 12 hours away. It looks like you had a great time.

kathy said...

I am so glad you enjoyed yourself and that all went well.