Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mondays Adventure

I didn't really stamp yesterday....well I did, but I am not finished so I can't post them yet today..but instead of spending the day in the Craft room..I did laundry. I know you all want me to stop swearing at you..but someone had to do it..and I have OCD about my laundry so Ry isn't allowed to do it. Anyway..but we also headed to the movie theater to watch that Silver Surfer! The kids LOVE the movies. Well Tyra and Traysea can watch anything..Nanea on the other hand, takes some effort. She ended up falling asleep..which is fine..because I got to hold her while she slept. AHH...just five years ago you were a tiny tiny baby girl..and now you are a four year old on a tear! Oh well..while waiting for Ry to get ready I clicked off a few pictures of the girls being silly.
Don't you just want to bite them! I do! My girls always make me smile! Doesn't Tyra look like she needs to go back to bed. I never really really noticed that Tyra always has those eyes. Even when she is wide awake. My friend Mae was talking about it the other day. She said droopy eyes are hot. UH OH..Tyra is about to turn 12, Ry and I are so not ready for the life of a 12 year old! Then I let the girls play with the camera. Nanea loves to take pictures..and with the Kodak Easy Share on Auto Mode it is the easiest thing! So here are some pics

Photographers in training. I think because I take SO many pictures of the girls that they are always wanting to click the camera too!
Well I will stamp today and take pictures of my final project...OH on Wednesday I am heading out with some of my friends on a stampin adventure...SO I will post tomorrow..and then see you guys again come Saturday!

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