Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Coaster box that I made at Michelle's

So as promised here are the pictures of the coaster box we made at Michelle's house the other day! Gail brought the coasters and all the paper. Isn't the K and Company paper pretty gorgeous?
Look how awesome it is inside. It's divided! I can't remember off who's blog we got that idea from...but it was a pretty awesome thought! Then at stamp camp the last time Kim's friend Wendy came up with the idea of pushing in the bottom coaster to stabilize the entire box. It is pretty awesome!

Then as a final touch she brought the template on how to lace up the sides. I used raffia. I thought it matched the box pretty well. Plus I love raffia. I think it might be my island roots!
I love it. I think that I am going to make a few of these..for what I don't know yet..but I can't just let the coasters I bought sit around and take up space! Gail has a bind it all..I think we should have to go over there and play with it a bit!
See you soon Gail Owens!

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