Thursday, June 28, 2007

*It's been quiet* And thank goodness for Gail Owens

Heh gang:
Sorry that I haven't been posting. Yesterday I spent my day making these invitations for the new scrapbook store Scrappin at the Pink House. The preview is this if you aren't doing maybe after Serika's class at The Scrapbook Store in Mt. want to head down to this store off N. Rhett! Anyway..I made the the correct color scheme and everything..and then I forgot to take a picture! How crazy is that...? Then I went to drop them off and I picked up my next assignment.
But then Gail calls me! CATALOGS HAD ARRIVED AT HER DOOR. I called Lauren and we hit the street like crazy people. The catalog is beautiful. I am not sure what the heck I am going to do. I mean..seriously..everytime you get a SU catalog you always say that..but this time..I REALLY MEAN IT. Plus you have to spend twice as much money in half the time! ARRG! finally..the kicker of all my days...Ryan was scheduled to leave early this AM with the baby girls to take them to New Hampshire. BUT as Lauren and I were off to an adventure....Ry calls me..his flight is canceled due to weather. SERIOUSLY! The topper..I have to drive to Savannah's airport. So whatever adventure I had planned for today went away! Stampin' at Michelle's I said that I would go and help at the Scrapbooks tore...AHHHH!
Okay..enough with my venting! I will be taking them this afternoon so I will be back tomorrow!

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kathy said...

lol I hafta laugh because I have had the same thing happen to me when I made plans to spend a day doing something. Your new store sounds exciting. I tried to go to thier website but I got an error message. oh well have a great day