Friday, November 28, 2008

Post Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving food was awesome! A day of test..but we all past and were living in food happiness at dinner time! I already had some leftovers this morning..and it is always wonderful the second time around! Today I did not make the Black Friday adventure. I couldn't find the energy and there really isn't anything I have to have to make it through my Christmas season. But we did sneak in a Thanksgiving picture for our grandma!
This year my mom stayed home..and had time to herself. My grandma goes to a care facility during the day..and my daddy is in Cali helping out his sick sister. SO my home is home alone. But that is totally her choice. She could have went to my favorite aunty's house...or my sisters..but she just wanted to chill at home. SO her!

In less then a month my mom them get here. I think I am over the moon more then the girls. I heart heart heart my mom..not to mention to have her here for Christmas is my favorite. I think one year we didn't do Christmas together..and all of us were pouty. My dad was at home telling my mom they should have flew up here..and I was at home telling her she should have flew up here. I know...since then we try never to be apart for Christmas. TO make so much baby brother is coming this year! I SO need them right now too! It's crazy! Anyway..enough blah blah blahing..hope your yesterday was full of smiles!

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